Freedom to say what you want and what you really think without worrying what everybody else thinks.

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Say everything fearlessly

You self censor everything before you say it online because you fear future consequences of what you say today. 11Beep removes the fear out of you. You set a lifespan for everything you say and it gets deleted by default as soon as it expires leaving no digital trace at all. Your thoughts and feelings are not for analysis or scrutiny by anybody else. Everything is ephemeral.

Be you or be anonymous, your choice

11Beep knows that there are things you need to say without disclosing your identity and there are things you want to say retaining your identity. 11Beep gives you a choice to be anonymous or be yourself everytime you say something.

No advertisements

11Beep knows that it is not a marketplace to sell your thoughts and push you ads. Just enjoy the Beeps without advertisement.

You control everything

Unlike other platforms in which you are part of the product where you don't have much control. In 11Beep, you control everything. You control the time to delete what you have said, your audience who you say things to (public or all your friends or selected friends), your identity whether to disclose it or be anonymous and many more things.

Here, you are the BOSS!