The social network you've been looking for.

Life is raw, pure and fun. A specially designed only for mobile social network which lets you share what is really on your mind with your friends without worrying about digital trails. Watch the video

Express yourself now.

You set the lifespan for everything you share, it just evaporates when you no longer need it. Leaving behind no digital trace at all. Your thoughts and feelings are not for analysis or scrutiny by anybody else.

Just like reality.

Express yourself freely.

If you need you can Beep anonymously. Irritations, frustrations and pranks are better when vented without fear of judgment or stalking.

Just like reality.

Just for you, Just for Beeps.

11Beep knows that Social networks are not marketplace to sell your thoughts and push you unwanted ads. Just enjoy the Beeps sans advertisement.

Just like reality.

200% percent control to you.

11Beep makes sure 100% of only those whom you want will see your beeps and you have 100% control over whom you choose to share with. You own your privacy.

Just like reality.

Openly be who you are and enjoy the power of being in the present.